[Looking at the time I’m probably going to hop off here… So I’m gonna head out now alright? Talk to you all whenever I’m back around, It was nice talking to all of you again! Remember you’re all wonderful people and I missed talking to everyone! See you all around next time I’m here!]

[Hey everyone! I’m actually going to be around more today most likely! Probably not IC-wise since my muse is still being lame and stuff. But anyhow! How are you all today? I hope your days all have been going well!]

[Hey everyone… I haven’t talked here for like a week now… I’m sorry for the sudden inactivity as of late… I hope you all don’t mind and stuff…. I’ve just been kinda… I dunno out of it for the most part as of late? It’s effected me on skype and stuff too as well Seriously I just looked back and saw I missed a ton of things over the past week… And I feel terrible for that]

[In any case this is me dropping in to say hi and stuff while I’m here. I swear I’ll be more active / Attempt to be soonish… I just kinda have to get over this out of it mood I’ve been in. Sooo yeah… I have to head out now for a while soon. But I’m here for like 10-15 minutes.]

Gundam Tanaka~!

[Gundam’s my second favorite character in all of DR / SDR2 Actually! So I totally don’t mind this one! But again I don’t feel I am TOO much like him…. But still I can relate a bit to him actually! So this one’s okay!]


[Togami? This one seems a little off. I’m not very Togami-like in the end actually. May I ask the reasoning behind this one?]